Celene Myles – Patient Story

“This is a photo of myself and my twin looking forward to celebrating our 50th birthday in 2021”

“As a breast cancer survivor of over 15 years, I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to Mr Terry Boyle, Consultant Breast Surgeon, Mr David O’Donovan, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Professor John Kennedy, Oncology Consultant, Jean Marc Monseux, Lymphodema physiotherapist for their wonderful expertise, skill, compassion and understanding during my time as a patient/out-patient (I know, if I have any concerns/ issues I can still call on any one of My Core Team💯👍😀).

I also wanted to express my thanks to the Radiologists, the Breast Care Team and of course the wonderful nurses and staff in St James’s Hospital Dublin for the wonderful care and attention I have received since my breast cancer diagnosis in March 2005 and the continued care and attention I receive to date.

This is a photo below of myself (on the left) and my twin presenting a cheque to Professor John Kennedy after we decided to use the occasion of our 40th birthday party in 2011 to fundraise for St. James’s. Without the wonderful consultants, nurses and staff in St. James’s together with my loving and supportive family, relations and friends, I might not have made it to my 40th!!!!!! And above this is a photo of myself and my twin looking forward to celebrating our 50th birthday in 2021. St James’s, its consultants, doctors, nurses and all its staff are so deserving of your donations…they do incredible work, so, if you have a few bob to spare👍💯… and remember October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.. BE BREAST AWARE and donate

Celene Myles

Thank you so much to Celene for taking the time to share her cancer journey with us.

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