St James’s Day

On 25th July 2020, we held our first ever St James’s Day annual fundraiser. The day was a success and we would like to thank everyone who donated so far. We still need your help to get to our our fundraising target and complete the project. We are fundraising to create a much-needed healing garden for our patients, visitors and staff here at St James’s Hospital. We need your help to raise €100,000 as we want to create a special space, an oasis of tranquillity, to help relieve the anxiety and stress often experienced by those with serious illness and to create a welcoming place of calm for our visitors and staff.

Will you support our vision for a healing garden?

Donate today to help our garden grow

Why a Healing Garden?

There is undoubtedly a growing awareness that nature and gardens reduce stress and promote a sense of wellbeing. The Healing Garden Appeal seeks to address the current deficit of accessible outdoor green spaces and to redesign the area outside the Camino Rest in St James’s Hospital. Designed primarily for patients’ needs, the garden will enhance the healing environment by providing calmness and tranquillity in a busy clinical environment. The Camino Rest serves as a house of prayer, a sacred and quiet space for people of all faith traditions and also for those who express no spiritual preference or faith.


We need to raise €100,000 to create this beautiful healing garden.

Please make a donation today and help our garden grow.

Together we can create an accessible healing space for our patients and their loved ones.

The Design

We are working closely with a dedicated team of health care professionals and landscape architects to create a space that will be designed in a manner to enhance its therapeutic potential through planting, seating, landscaping and art. We want to focus on patient needs and provide somewhere to find much needed solace in an oasis of tranquillity.

The Garden will serve to:

  • Help relieve the anxiety and stress often experienced by those with serious illness
  • Increase patient satisfaction from being outside and connecting with nature
  • Improve recovery rates – Studies have demonstrated that patients who have contact with nature recover quicker
  • Be accessible to all – wheelchairs & patient beds (including ICU beds)
  • Include a calming water feature created from salvaged artefacts from the former 19th Century chapel
  • Include a Covid19 reflection area for families and staff
  • Provide outdoor space for a wide range of activities
  • Provide space for our patients to meet visitors away from the wards and noisy concourse and corridors
Will you support our vision for a Healing Garden at St James’s Hospital?


And help our garden to grow

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